Did Your Organic Rankings Crash After the Latest Google Core Update?

On May 4, Google announced its latest core update. In the weeks since its release, here’s what we know and what to do if your website was negatively impacted.

The stock market often exhibits volatility in reaction to a significant event (maybe a global pandemic, for instance). Google search engine rankings react in a similar fashion. Over time, your rankings have probably gone up or down ever so slightly, then when something significant occurs, such as a Google Core Update, your rankings might plummet.

As a business owner or marketer, why should this matter to you? Well, a loss in rankings often leads to a drop in website traffic and potentially a decline in new leads or sales. So, what should you do if your rankings were negatively impacted by Google’s latest core update? For starters, let’s try to understand what exactly a Google core update is, and why this most recent update was so impactful.

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4 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement with Live Chat

Customer engagement is vital to any business. When thinking about customer engagement, you need to go beyond the typical level of service and support many customers have come to expect.

Your customers want to feel important. They want to feel like they matter to you. They may even want to feel like the most important person in the world, if only for a moment.

It needs to be clear you value your relationship with them and not just the money they spend at your business. You need to establish an emotional connection between your business and your customers.

In a traditional brick and mortar setup, this is simple. A level of personal touch can be easily achieved – a greeting at the door, the ability to answer their questions in real-time, and so on.

How can you translate that level of service and care over to your website?

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Adapting Your Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

From practicing social distancing to continually washing our hands and now wearing masks, the Coronavirus has caused us all to shift the way we normally operate. For business owners and marketers, this includes adjusting your marketing strategy.

Life as we know it has been flipped upside down. A month or so ago, your ad campaigns were probably humming along. You may have been on your way to a trade show, or attending an in-person meeting with a prospective client.

Since then, a lot has changed. Now is the time to proactively look for new avenues to generate business, while also maintaining relationships with your existing customers.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate this unprecedented time, specifically as it pertains to your digital marketing strategy:

Consumers Spending More Time Online

We’re all stuck at home. With no restaurants to go to, or sporting events to attend, Americans are spending more time online. What does that mean for you as a marketer? Hopefully its pretty clear. Now is the time to put yourself out there. If you’re not running ad campaigns, it’s as good a time as any to jump in.

Many of our clients run pay-per-click ads and the latest trend we are seeing is that paid ads are becoming cheaper. It makes sense because the way these ad networks make money is through an auction system. With less competition to help drive up the cost for ads there isn’t as much competition for the inventory, so the cost per click decreases.

Industry Conferences and Trade Shows

Industry conferences and trade shows were likely a major part of your marketing spend. These events are relied upon, as they are a core part of our business when it comes to generating new business and nurturing relationships with existing clients. Now, most, if not all, of these events have been canceled or postponed for the foreseeable future.

So, what should you do moving forward?

Moving towards virtual events and digital engagement will be a key difference-maker in maintaining growth in the coming months. Another tool to consider – LinkedIn. It’s underrated as a lead generation platform, and for its ability to communicate your value to current customers.

What You Can Do In the Meantime

Sometimes we simply don’t have the time to look at all the things we are doing on a daily or even a weekly basis. We often take the mindset of “set it and forget it.”

While that may have worked for Ron Popiel, that’s never a good strategy to take when it comes to your marketing.

While keeping things in perspective, now is a good time to review and potentially revamp your digital marketing strategy. Maybe you’ve been putting off redoing your website or maybe you haven’t updated the content of your ad campaigns for a few months.

Over these next however many months, most of us won’t be making that daily commute to work each day, or a few days on our calendar have been cleared. Now’s the time to use those extra hours to get a head start.

In a nutshell, it is a perfect time to work on your business, not in it.

The Human Element: Treat Your Website Like a Trade Show Booth

Blurred, defocused background of public event exhibition hall. Business trade show or commercial activity concept

We’ve been helping companies add a human element to their website for over 17 years. If there is anything we’ve learned, in the B2B sales and marketing environment, one thing remains constant — people like to do business with people.

In the past year, attending trade shows has become a key component of our marketing strategy. In the digital age, it may seem strange for a trade show to serve as a crucial aspect of a marketing strategy, but what we’ve found is people crave the human connection. A trade show provides the perfect opportunity to add a human element to your brand and build trust with potential customers.

Why should your website be any different?

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Why Manufacturers Are Hesitant to Try Live Chat

Although live chat has been around for some time, manufacturers can be reluctant to diverge from the standard way of doing things. What will it take for an old school industry to finally buy-in?

Live chat has been around for quite a while – we’ve been providing 24/7 live chat for over 16 years – it is still an emerging best practice for many companies and especially for manufacturers. I learned on a recent marketing podcast that if something is considered a “best practice”, it means all your competitors are already doing it. An emerging best practice however, is something you can do to give your company a competitive advantage. In this article, I’ll discuss a couple common misconceptions companies have about live chat and share the top 5 benefits a manufacturer can expect from implementing an online chat program into their website. This article will even discuss how a manufacturer who might already be using a live chat software can take their program to the next level.

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Chatbots vs. Live Chat: How Artificial Intelligence Affects Website Visitors Experience

Chatbot conversation on smartphone screen app interface with artificial intelligence technology providing virtual assistant customer support and information, person hand holding mobile phone

With artificial intelligence on the rise, so too is the consumer’s desire for instant gratification. So which software do most website visitors prefer, chatbots or live chat?

As businesses look to artificial intelligence to enhance customer service, it is increasingly difficult to find the right balance between automation and human support to deliver the service customers demand. One of the more prevalent tools marketers are looking to is chatbots. With the ability to provide customers with instant responses, answer basic questions and resolve complaints quickly, it is easy to see why chatbots are viewed as a tool that enhances the customer experience. Innovations like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WeChat and WhatsApp have contributed to making this a popular method of communication for many consumers.

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What’s Next for LinkedIn After Microsoft Deal

In case you missed it, Microsoft recently agreed to acquire LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars. If you are one of LinkedIn’s 433 million users, it is fair to be a little nervous for what potentially lies ahead for the popular professional social network. After all, this is not Microsoft’s first foray into the social media acquisition game (Ever heard of Yammer? Didn’t think so). Anytime an acquisition like this takes place there is certainly reason to worry.

But, the big question remains: What does this mean for those who use LinkedIn as a source for lead generation and developing new business relationships? Read more

The Key to Effective Marketing Automation

In an era where most of the buying process is complete by the time a prospect is ready to engage with sales, effective marketing automation is the key to engaging potential customers early and often in the sales process.

While there has been an increase in the adoption of marketing automation in recent years, it is not as easy to implement as you may think.

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How Google Accelerated Mobile Pages are Changing the Way the Web Works

In its ongoing effort to take over the digital world, Google is once again changing the web as we know it.

As smartphones and tablets continue to transform the way we access information, the amount of people using their phone to consume the news continues to rise. In fact, the percentage of people using mobile to access media is now significantly higher compared to desktop. However, the mobile experience can often leave a lot to be desired.

With the introduction of its new Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google is aiming to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.

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Why You Should Outsource Digital Marketing

Every marketing department goes through the same internal debate: Should we outsource digital marketing or bring it in-house?

While the decision to outsource digital marketing may seem difficult, it is often very clear-cut. As buying behaviors continue the shift toward online media, the prevalence of digital marketing continues to grow. In fact, in 2016, the average firm will allocate 30 percent of their marketing budget to online. With that trend expected to continue in the coming years, it will be more important than ever before to have a team of experienced experts that know how to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

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