How to Choose the Right Lead Generation Campaign

The days of cold calling to generate leads are over. As today’s consumer grows more frustrated at being interrupted by a telemarketer, inbound marketing has emerged as the primary lead generation tactic.

For most marketers, the goal is to generate leads that will eventually become paying customers. That’s where we can help. Here’s four lead generation strategies and how to determine if it is the right one for you:

  • Email marketing – It may have been the first of its kind, but email marketing continues to remain one of the more reliable lead generation strategies. If you’ve built a strong email list through the years then this is the strategy for you. By setting up drip campaigns, you will be able to nurture your leads along until they are have reached a buying decision.
  • Optimize landing pages – A landing page is a vital part of any lead generation strategy. If you are able to get visitors to your landing page, the goal is to get them to stay until they fill out the information you want. From a clear call-to-action, to captivating content and proper form length, there are many aspects of building a landing page that converts.
  • Post on LinkedIn – If your customer-base is active on social media then posting on LinkedIn can be a great way to generate leads. LinkedIn continues to outperform the competition when it comes to lead generation on social media. With the ability to post in different groups, or create long-form blog posts through the Pulse section, there are various channels within LinkedIn to get your content in front of your target audience. By pairing a piece of compelling content with a link to a landing page, you will be able to capture leads.
  • Blog – Despite its proven track record of generating leads, many companies continue to neglect the blog on their website. Blogs help with search engine optimization and if you are able to increase the organic traffic to your website the leads will eventually follow. If your website has solid traffic already, then fresh content in the form of blogs can help turn those visitors into leads. Pair your blog posts with a relevant eBook or white paper to really drive your leads down the sales funnel.

These are just a handful of examples on how to generate leads through your digital marketing efforts. Feel free to drop us a line for more help in determining the right lead generation campaign for your business.

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