How to Maximize Conversion of Your Landing Page

Landing pages are an increasingly important part of any inbound marketing strategy. Whether you clicked on an online advertisement, downloaded a white paper, or registered for an event or webinar, it is probably a landing page that got you there.

A landing page is a unique page on your website that’s built to serve a specific purpose and is typically targeted at a particular audience with a goal of capturing contact information. But how do you maximize conversion of your landing page? Here are six simple tips to make your landing page convert:

  • A Clear Call-To-Action – Your call-to-action is the action you want your website visitors to take. It will typically begin with “Download” or Register.” The call-to-action should be in an easy to find spot on the page and large enough to capture the attention of the visitor.
  • Captivating Content – It sounds simple, but grabbing the attention of today’s consumer is more difficult than it seems. Make sure your landing page contains relevant content about the product or service that caused the visitor to land on the page in the first place.
  • Value Proposition – Your value proposition is what differentiates you from your competition. A good value proposition is a promise to your customer, if they can sense the honesty they will be more likely to buy from you.
  • Strong Visuals – A picture is worth a thousand words. A high quality visual image has the potential to draw your visitor in and then allow the content to do the rest of the work.
  • Testimonials – People buy from people. A testimonial from a current customer is a great way to build trust with website visitors.
  • Proper Form Length – There is no right or wrong answer for the length of the form. A longer form has the potential to generate higher quality leads, while a shorter form could lead to a lot of lower quality submissions.

There is no standard template for the perfect landing page. At it’s best – a landing page will capture visitor information, allowing you to convert a higher percentage of visitors into sales leads. If you follow the tips outlined above, your landing page will fill your sales funnel in no time.

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