Dominate the competition while generating qualified leads for their sales team through unique, custom marketing strategies.


Vac-Con is an industry leader in custom built, truck mounted machines that serve the public and private environmental markets. With a broad reach, spanning over 27 countries across the globe, they have established themselves as a global leader. Vac-Con also provides the best customer service in the industry.

Through our marketing efforts and 24/7 lead capture tools, we were able to dominate their competition through market share visibility and dramatically increase qualified leads for their sales team.



The Problem

When we first began working with Vac-Con in 2007, they were in the middle of a wildly successful year. Their Marketing Manager had the vision and foresight to know that might not be the case forever. His goal was to put strategies in place in preparation for potentially slower years.

The Approach

We agreed it made sense to dominate the competition through market share visibility for anything related to their brand and various product lines. We also created specific strategies to reach their Target Audience in specific markets.

The Outcome

As a result of our approach, we significantly gained visibility to not only Vac-Con, but their dealers around the world as well. By working closely with Vac-Con’s Marketing and Sales divisions, together we were able to increase bottom line revenues for their business.





Tom Jody

Interchanges helps us to not only send solid leads to our sales team, but to also track them, and get quotes to our potential customers quickly.

Interchanges has helped us significantly increase our International Business. We have been working with them for years and the relationship and results just keep improving with time. Companies of this caliber just don’t come along all that often.

Tom Jody

Vac-Con, Marketing Manager


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