"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
                                                                   -Helen Keller

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Invest your time in building a network of authentic personal and professional relationships


Our vision for Interchanges Wednesdays is to build the elite business community in Northeast Florida.  We bring together high caliber business professionals and successful business owners who are committed to helping one another succeed personally and professionally.

Interchanges Wednesdays offers the ideal environment for relationship building by hosting events in unique, elegant venues.


Interchanges Wednesdays also gives each guest the opportunity to give back to the community in which they live.  The Interchanges Wednesdays events are no-cost to attend but we encourage our guests to support the local non-profit organization we are featuring either by purchasing raffle tickets for our amazing giveaways, giving directly, or by getting connected and volunteering. 


We are excited about our partnership with HandsOn Jacksonville, who helps us spotlight non-profit organizations in the area.


To Your Success,


Chris Patterson
Chief Executive Officer



Interchanges Wednesdays Testimonials:


"If I could attend only one networking event a month, it would be Interchanges. There are a lot of business owners and like-minded professionals from many industries attending this monthly event. I have made some excellent contacts and we have referred each other business."


-Cal Heseman, Business Intermediary, Gateway Business Brokers


"It is rare to find the combination of a well-run event at a premier venue with so many business owners and decision makers across industries; it simply didn’t have the feel of a traditional after hours networking event."


-Bill Kilgannon, CEO, Shay Core Enterprises, Inc.


"Interchanges events are a positive, welcoming, and comfortable social atmosphere for generating business leads in Jacksonville. Chris Patterson and Nelson Bruton are very generous in helping you make great connections. Definitely a 'must-go-to' event."


— Matisse VerDuyn, Senior Engineer


"It was outstanding. The most effective opportunity to meet the largest and widest array of networking partners in Jacksonville. How can someone not connect after attending one of these events! If anyone is interested in growing their business, growing their contacts and networking partners, this is the place. If you want to meet people actively networking with purpose this is the place."


— ED Killion, Executive Vice President Harbinger Sign


"I was recently invited to attend the Interchanges event at the Casa Marina Hotel. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled in to a crowd of some 200+ young business professionals all eager to exchange ideas and socialize with like minded peers. Nelson has created a perfect counter to the idea that business and pleasure don't mix. I can't wait for the next one!"


— Rob Parham , Commercial Photographer Ponte Vedra Beach Fl


"The June Interchanges Wednesdays event at Casa Marina was the first I have attended, and it was definitely worth it. I was able to make some great business connections and I will definitely be attending future Interchanges events."


— Justin Favere, President Guardian Enterprises


"Interchanges captures the diverse and professional crowd that any networking event would hope for. It's the perfect combination of social interaction (at exciting venues), professional development across all industries in the market, and flexibility of building true relationships without the pressure or over-structure I have experienced at other networking events. I will continue to go back and encourage anyone seeking to make connections to participate. Cheers!"


— Chris Wilson, Hancock Bank

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