The Winner’s Shortcut

“How do I get there faster?”

“Why do some people succeed more rapidly than others?”

“Isn’t there an easier way to success?”

These are questions I have asked myself over and over through the years. Do you want some great news?! There IS a shortcut to achievement.

Here it is: Hire or find a mentor.

Recently a motivated couple came to my office for a bit of business advice. After approximately 45 minutes we had formulated a simple plan of action that they desperately needed to launch a very ambitious project within the City of Jacksonville. They were very excited, left my office and I didn’t hear from them for about 6 months.

I met with them again for dinner a week ago and I was blown away with all they had accomplished.

  • They formalized the business plan
  • Made dozens of connections with our city’s movers and shakers
  • Spawned new ideas from our initial meeting
  • Raised money well into the six figures!!!

Their idea is now a reality. I would suggest that these two would have got to their destination eventually but in my experience, a mentor can always get you there faster which multiplies your success rate.

Personally, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars throughout my career seeking out the best of the best to help me accelerate my career. The result? Rapid learning, mistakes avoided and speed towards my desired destination.

I will leave you with two important questions:

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

Chances are there is someone ahead of you that knows the answer to getting to there. Take action and find them!!

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