Interchanges CEO Receives Ziglar Legacy Certification

Everyone goes through certain moments in life that change them forever. For Interchanges CEO Chris Patterson, that moment came in 1997 when he met world renowned author, speaker and motivator to millions, Zig Ziglar.

In this chance encounter, Ziglar agreed to personally mentor Chris for 12 life-changing months while he lived in Plano, TX.

Now 20 years later, Chris is following in his mentors footsteps.

The Interchanges CEO was recently approved by the Ziglar family to earn his Legacy Certification. With this certification, Chris is now equipped and authorized to train and present Zig Ziglar’s most powerful presentations and methodologies.

Chris has been using his certification to mentor businesses and individuals in the art of Goal Setting and Achievement, Personal Development and Building Winning Relationships.

Since the passing of his mentor in 2012, Chris had been searching for a way to carry on Ziglar’s legacy, and is grateful that he is now able to do just that.

If you are interested in working with Chris in this capacity, contact him directly at:

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