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5 Marketing Tactics To Be Thankful For

If there is anything guaranteed in marketing, it’s change. The technology changes so fast nowadays, we often forget to appreciate the basic tools and strategies we have at our disposal. With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, what better time to reflect on what we, as marketers, are thankful for. Here are five marketing tactics we are thankful for this holiday season and you should be too:

Email Marketing

Email automation is a huge tactic to be thankful for in the marketing world. The ability to send an email to hundreds maybe even thousands of people at one time, as well as inserting a pixel in the email for a retargeting tool can work wonders for your sales process. Could you imagine if you had 500 emails to send and had to send each and every email one-by-one? That would take FOREVER! Luckily, email automation has saved many marketing agencies time, effort and money.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Any CRM is a great tool for organization and tracking the results of your marketing efforts. Even though some CRM’s function better than others, it is better use any CRM than nothing at all. A CRM will keep business sales managers organized and on top of each lead that comes in. A CRM will also allow you to set a standard follow-up process for contacts with longer sales cycles. Staying organized ensures no lead can slip through the cracks.

Google Analytics (GA)

As a free tool available to any business owner, there is no reason not to sign up for Google Analytics. GA gives helpful insight on metrics such as unique visitors, demographics, geographic locations and many others. These insights are available at any time in a live dashboard. By knowing these insights, your sales team can focus on the demographic that is most interested in their product/service.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising can be worth it if a business knows where and how to spend its money. Some examples are Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Both campaigns can target a very specific audience including: gender, geographic location, income, etc. Facebook and Instagram campaigns will inform you how many prospects you can reach during your target audience research. The more money spent reaching out on social media, the more audience will be reached each day. A good range is $500-$600 a month, that’s $10-$20 a day. Other paid advertising options include: magazine articles, Google Adwords and commercials.

Live Chat

Live chat helps interact with website visitors who have questions or comments and need assistance as soon as possible. The best live chat software’s use real people behind the scenes to answer any question about your business 24/7.  It also should have as little friction as possible to allow for a seamless, easy conversation for your website visitor.

Want to apply any or all of these strategies in your business? Contact us today and Happy Thanksgiving!

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